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F50 is honored to welcome Vitaly Vanshelboim, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Executive Director of the UNOPS in a fireside chat with Martin Stroka (Co-Founder, F50) at the Global Capital Summit! UNOPS is coming to Silicon Valley to find the most innovative companies with the potential to change the world. See Vitaly’s special letter to the F50 community:

Dear F50 Community,

Vast opportunities exist in the sustainability arena – and entrepreneurs and innovators are making an important impact. UNOPS is committed to helping move this innovation industry forward.

UNOPS has been looking at the fundamentals – starting with the kind of definitions we need to make sustainable innovation ecosystems possible. It’s clear that countries, regions, and cities around the globe all want to be “the next” Silicon Valley. And at the same time, they say they want clusters in all industries – targeting both vertical and horizontal coverage. In terms of venture capital and innovation, Silicon Valley dwarfs all other hubs around the world. For an aspiring entrepreneur, Silicon Valley is still perceived as the place to go to for “incubation.”

We live in a world where the innovation resources are being spent on digitalization and incremental innovation. This has resulted in the perception that the low hanging fruit of innovation has already been picked. To allow for deeper innovation, we need to establish global talent pools. This is where UNOPS is intervening – leading a dialogue between the private sector, the public sector, academia, and many other stakeholders. Created as implementation branch for the entire UN system, UNOPS not only has the possibility to embrace new technologies such as AI, Blockchain and IoT, but we also believe that many of these technologies could have a huge impact on the work of the UN.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a trend in the UN; rather it’s a critical area. AI has strong potential to become incredibly effective. Its implications are being explored for climate change, health and food security concerns. The power of AI can solve global problems. Recent AI sustainability developments include anything from identifying deforestation and measuring how fast it’s occurring, to predicting energy demands to ensure a matching supply. If you plan to tackle ever-changing global challenges, now is the time to tap into the limitless potential of AI.

Partnering with UNOPS means joining forces with an organization that has a footprint on the ground in 130 countries. Their reach in combination with partnerships with industry leaders and innovators within AI, Blockchain and other emerging technologies, provides a unique possibility for any innovation stakeholder. It is their intention to be a leader in technology implementation, and to do so in a way, which supports the SDGs and 2030 agenda. UNOPS has the capacity, but seeks partnerships with like-minded stakeholders to enable the right solutions to the challenges, needs and opportunities that exist.

UNOPS plans to develop partnerships with startups and global innovators, so that they can continue to be at the forefront in implementing these new technologies – in a way that supports and realizes the SDG and 2030 agenda. That’s why UNOPS is coming to the Silicon Valley, to meet the innovators and to make a difference for future generations.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Many thanks,

Vitaly Vanshelboim
Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Executive Director
United Nations Office for Project Services

F50 is also excited to reveal three companies which have been selected for the F50 Impact Report, which will be presenting at the summit. Stay tuned for the full report, which will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we are glad to welcome these extraordinary companies that are building great businesses, while creating a positive impact on the world.
AeroFarms is on a mission to transform agriculture by building and operating environmentally responsible farms throughout the world to enable local production at scale and nourish our communities with safe, nutritious, and delicious food. AeroFarms is the commercial leader in indoor farming. They grow without sun or soil in a fully-controlled indoor environment. They have optimized their patented aeroponic growing system for faster harvest cycles, predictable results, superior food safety and less environmental impact.
This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water
Zipline builds products that improve access to healthcare and saves lives. Zipline created Zip, a small robot airplane designed for a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners. It can carry vaccines, medicine, or blood.
Zipline drones airdrop medical supplies to African villages
Apeel Sciences creates edible products from natural plant extracts that allow organic and conventional growers to reduce reliance on pesticides, increase produce quality, and provide superior shelf life. Apeel Sciences is committed to being a technological and environmental leader in the agricultural industry, enabling widespread, positive impacts through the development of high-performance pre- and post-harvest products and processes that conserve our precious natural resources and safeguard the Earth’s delicate ecological balance.
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